The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
About Us
The SUgar Glider Advanced Research Group is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the study and research of all matters concerning sugar glider anatomy, physiology, husbandry and relationships. We are a group of dedicated volunteers and consultants from both the online sugar glider community and from outside of this community.
Our current and ongoing projects include:
* The collection of data through necropsy reports, lab reports, x-ray reports and histopathology reports.
* The collection of data through the use of our veterinary wellness check forms & injured/ill glider forms.
* The disbursement and collection of surveys pertaining to illness, injuries, standards of practice, medication use, breeding and breeding gliders, seizures, anal glad impaction, facial abscess, necropsy results, rescue practices/census, enrichment, average glider statistics, broken bones, the use of the antibiotic Convenia and the use of laser therapy treatments.
* The creation and disbursement of educational materials targeted toward veterinarians, veterinary practices & owners involved in rehabilitation of an injury or illness.
* Collaboration with a couple of vets to write articles for publication in professional journals
* The NECROPSY EFFORT, which provides low cost testing to owners following the death of their beloved gliders.
* Consultation and collaboration with individuals responsible for the organization of exotic veterinary conferences across the nation
We continue to develop new surveys, new data collection methods, new contacts in the veterinary world, and new projects which will benefit glider owners and gliders across the world.
The SUGAR Group's mission is to improve the care and treatment of sugar gliders world wide by compiling and analyzing data and statistics regarding sugar glider life, care, treatment & death and utilizing that analysis to facilitate the development of improved treatment techniques, care advice, diet, medications and veterinary/rehabilitation care
One of the most important things that we work on, is compiling data about sugar gliders in order to learn more about their health, anatomy, behaviors, etc... We can't do that without your help.

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