The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
The SUGAR Group's Brief diet survey is not intended to be viewed as a "diet study" but is, rather, a survey about the habits of glider owners when feeding.
Please complete the survey accurately and honestly.  As always, any information contained in these pages will be subject to the SUGAR Group's confidentiality policy.  Your personal information will never be shared with anyone outside of the SUGAR Group.
Please be honest with all answers.
Your Name
Today's date
Length of time that you have owned gliders
Number of gliders in your home
Which diet do you currently feed?
Priscilla Price's Pet Glider Det
Bourbon's Modified Leadbetters (BML)
LGRS (Lucky Glider)
Val's Green Variety Diet (VGV)
Suncoast Diet plan
50/25/25 diet plan
Australian Wombaroo Diet
HPW Original
Critter Love Complete
Critter Love Plus
Glider Grub
Happy Glider pellets
Sunscript glider diet (dry food)
Glider Chow
Darcy's Diet/Ensure Diet
Critter Love Breeder's Formula
Green OHPW
If other, what is the name of the diet you feed?
Do you make modifications to the diet recipe?
If yes, how so?
Which of the following factors did you consider in choosing the diet you currently feed? (choose all that apply)
Ingredient availability
Online reviews
Prep time
Length of time diet has been available
Nutritional value
Diet was created by a vet
Breeder recommendation
Ratio is balanced and easy
Organic ingredients
Ease of preparation
Friends feed this diet
Ease of storage
Reputation of diet creater
Palatability to your gliders
Smell of diet
Sold at time of glider purchase
Recommendation of others
Mimics natural diet
If other, describe:
How long have you fed this diet?
Please list the changes, if any, that you have noticed in your gliders since using this diet
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