The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
You may download any of our surveys to your own computer.  Then return them via mail or e-mail.
To return via US Postal Service, Send to:
The SUGAR Group
c/o Val Betts
604 Deahl St.
Borger,  TX   79007
To return via email, send to
The following surveys and studies are those which require the addition of vet or lab documentation to complete the study.  Other surveys and studies are available right here on our website - just choose the study you wish to complete and fill out the survey right here on our website!!
Necropsy Survey (DOC — 12 KB)
Death Survey.docx (DOCX — 15 KB)
Facial Abscesses Study (DOC — 23 KB)
Medication Use Study (DOC — 9 KB)
kidney study.docx (DOCX — 17 KB)
Liver study.docx (DOCX — 16 KB)
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