The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
Have you lost a beloved sugar glider? Has someone you know had a glider go to the Rainbow Bridge and you want to do something to help comfort them, but just don't know what to do? Unfortunately for us, gliders have a relatively short lifespan. The gliders that have touched our lives will remain in our hearts forever, but there is also a way they can be memorialized for others to see and for us to know that they will not be forgotten.
The SUGAR Group is currently selling squares for the current year and the random quilts.   The squares are $20.00 apiece and will be sewn together into a beautiful quilt which can be sent to and displayed at any glider gathering or special event. You can purchase a square by sending your money via paypal to [email protected] OR via paypal below.  Be sure to include the glider's name and date of passing with your payment.
This is a picture of the 2008 Memorial Quilt making an appearance at the 1st Annual SUGAR Group RRRoundup in February 2010.
For those who would like to memorialize gliders who have passed prior to this current year, we are also selling squares at any time, in order to make more quilts for those gliders who were lost in various years. Once we have 16-20 squares, a quilt will be made and another one will be started. It's a sad fact that we outlive these precious creatures and many have lost their cherished furbabies. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to have their treasured memories put in a timeless piece of art to be shared by all.
The 2009 Quilt:
2010 Quilt
You can purchase your quilt square NOW by pressing this button:
The  2011 quilt made its first appearance at the 2012 RRRoundup in Tulsa,OK.
The 2011 and 2010 quilts will appear at TGI's spring fling in April 2012
The 2010 quilt appeared at the 2011 TGI Expo
2008 Quilt scheduled to appear at the 2010 SGGA.
2008 & 2009 quilts will be on display at the WI/Il Labor of Love gathering in September, 2010.
2008 & 2009 Quilts will be on display at the 2011 RRRoundup in Texas
2008 & 2009 quilts on display at the 2010 OGG
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