The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
Necropsy Shipping Instructions
1)  Upon sugar glider's death, place the glider in a ziploc baggie and in the REFRIGERATOR (not the freezer).  You may wrap the glider in a handkerchief or a small piece of fleece if you like, but do not wrap tightly. 
2)  Fill out the necropsy survey while the details are still fresh in your mind.  BE SURE  to include your email address where you would like results sent to.  The necropsy survey can be downloaded from the "current surveys" page of the SUGAR group's website (  The survey is a requirement for receiving the discounted cost for testing. 
3)  If not already in the freezer, put your frozen bricks or other gel pack(s) in the freezer.  If you don't have gel packs, you can ship using dry ice that is wrapped in newspaper.  
4)  Plan for shipping the sugar glider.  You MUST ship MONDAY - THURSDAY only and you MUST ship overnight (more on that in step  #7).  Your glider can be safely kept in the refrigerator until the next available shipping day. 
5)  on the day of shipping, you must get the glider to the UPS or FedEX shipping place early in the morning (in most cases before 10:00).  So, be sure you have all your materials on hand the night before. 
6)  Just prior to shipping, prepare the glider for shipping by following these steps:    
   A)  Place the glider (still in the ziploc baggie) into a small cardboard box.    
   B)  Securely close the box.    
   C)  Place the small cardboard box into a plastic baggie and seal the bag    
   D)  Place one frozen brick into the bottom of the styrofoam shipping box  (if using dry ice, do not place on the bottom)  You can also use an insulated lunch bag for shipping, just be sure it can be securely closed.     
   E)  Place the bag with the cardboard box into the styrofoam box on top of the frozen brick    
   F)  Place a second frozen brick on top of the bag/box  (if using dry ice, put here - on top of box)   
   G)  Securely close the styrofoam box    
   H)  Place the styrofoam box into acardboard shipping box    
    I)   Place your completed necropsy survey into the shipping box (on top of the styrofoam box)    
   J)  Close and seal the shipping box    
   K)  Place shipping label onto the shipping box 
7)  Take your box to the nearest UPS or FedEx shipping place.  Gliders MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT and must be shipped via UPS or FedEx (not USPS).    No exceptions.  Again, Do NOT ship via United States Postal Service
Ship to
Val Betts
402 Mesquite Avenue
Amarillo,  TX 79108
8)  After you have shipped, place a phone call, text or email to Val to let her know to expect a sugar glider the next day.  This is important, because if not expected, the glider might sit out in the elements for many hours, which could cause breakdown of the tissues.
call Val at 806-803-0318
or send text to 806-395-0181 
If you do not get confirmation from Val that your message has been received by 10 p.m. Central Time, please repeat your message delivery. 
9)  Make your payment for the testing to the SUGAR Group via paypal to 
Thank you for participating in our research
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