The SUGAR Group - The Sugar Glider Advanced Research Group
Within the necropsy and histopathology reports we currently have, we see a wide variety of diagnosis for cause of death.
The percentage of each is as follows:
Hepatitis/ Liver Disease                        23%
Nephritis/Kidney Disease                      5%
Bacterial Infection/Sepsis                      8%
Cecal impaction                                    8%
Undetermined even with histopathology 7%
Necropsy only – undetermined              5%
Trauma                                                 2.5%
Metastatic Carcinoma – Liver               2.5%
Metastatic Carcinoma – Intestines         2.5%
Dehydration                                          2.5%
HLP                                                     2.5%
Adenoma of gall bladder                       2.5%
Pneumonia                                            2.5%
Cerebral Ischemic Event                        2.5%
Urethral blockage/electrolyte imbalance  2.5%
Abscess of brain                                   2%
Medication overdose                             2%
Renal Insufficiency due to deformity      2%
Malnutrition                                          3%
Urinary Bladder Lesion                         5%
Surgical Complication                           2%
Aflatoxin                                               2%
Adenoma of pancreatic duct                 3%
(Data current as of 12/31/10)
Illness and Injury Incidence
This data represents information provided by owners regarding vet visits throughout the year.

The most common issues gliders are treated for are:
Parasites                    10%
Seizures                     5.2%
Dehydration              5%
Obesity                      4%
Open wound              2.5%
UTI                            2.4%
Penis extended          1.8 %
Facial Abscess           1.5%
Constipation             1.5%
Broken Bone             1.3%
Neuter Information
Percent of vets that have a weight requirement for neutering:  51%
          Most common weight:  60 grams
          Average:  64.9 grams              High:  100g                    Low: 45g
Percent of vets that have an age requirement for neutering:  33%
          Most common age:   12 weeks
          Average:  15 weeks                  High:  36 weeks            Low:  8 weeks
Percent of vets that perform Pom ON neuters :     58%
Percentage of owners that prefer pom ON neuter:  67%
Percentage of vets using:
            Glue                66%
            Stitches          37%
            Staples           0%
            Laser               32%
Percent of vets that put the glider in an e-collar before waking:  46%
Of the complications after neuter reported,
54% were after a laser neuter
44% were after a pom on neuter and
56% were after a pom off neuter
Average number of neuters an owner has experienced:  10.1
Average cost of a neuter:  $106.32
Average time an owner waits to put glider back in with family after neuter:  1.8 days
Percentage of owners that wait to put glider back in with family:  42%
Percentage of owners that withhold the glider’s wheel after a neuter:  34%
Joey Rejection and/or Death
In 2009, a reported 11% of joeys were rejected.
In 2010, that number dropped to 6%.
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